In this weblog I collect random thoughts on mathematical problems.

With best regards

Uwe Stroinski

A note on the author: I took a PhD in mathematics at Tuebingen University, Germany and work as a lecturer.


During the last 5-7 years my interests have changed. Originally the problems I have considered here were slightly out of reach to be formulated as ‘well-defined’ mathematical questions.

Examples of such problems can be found in Smale’s 1998 list:

  • problem 8 (introduction of dynamics into economic theory)
  • problem 18 (limits of intelligence)

Of course, I did not limit myself to this list. Typical problems considered in this blog are contained in this short-list of Not-Yet-Mathematical Problems in science.


3 Responses to About

  1. rainer nagel says:

    hallo Uwe, wie ist deine email? Habe das gesehen:

    Uwe Stroinski

    What a nice surprise: a link to a picture of my (former) teacher Prof. Nagel on your blog.

  2. Hallo Mathe Nerd 😀 Viele Grüße aus der Vergangenheit. Keep up the good work


    PS: Schöner Blog titel

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